#WCW Week 3 – Those Who March


What I’ve seen in my social media feeds over the last week or so has encouraged me more than ever to keep up my #WCW challenge. There are many things happening in the US right now that many are angered about. Many things happening quickly that many are also pleased with. And whether you’re pleased or angry – you’ll be able to hear EVERYONE’s opinions about how terrible the other side is. Almost every contact I’ve had with social media in the past week or two has felt toxic. My anger and anxiety rise every time I scroll my feeds.

What does this have to do with #WCW?  Well, in the middle of all the crazy, toxic stuff, there are great things happening! And I want to talk about that. I have opinions about the new president and the women’s march and the political, moral, economic questions  of our day just like everyone else. I’m still trying to figure out how/when/if to use my voice in those arenas. The one thing I’m sure of is that I need more good news in my feed. (And I don’t mean cute kitten pictures or Harry Potter memes. My 13-year-old is on Instagram and I’ve got enough of that thank you very much.)

I’m not naming names this time around, I’m just going to list some of the real, brave, fun, or cool things I saw happening in my real life this week and crush on some friends 🙂 Whether or not they marched on Friday or Saturday, they’re also marching in their real lives – making a mark on their communities and families and bending the universe towards justice.

One of my friends is now involved with helping young women who have found out they’re having an unplanned pregnancy to feel supported and loved on.

Friends participated in the Women’s March and posted jubilant pictures and empowering messages to the women in their lives.

Friends took their young children to the Inauguration and posted cheerful pictures and unifying messages to their friends on social media.

A friend is restarting her life – setting up a new office for her business and getting back on track after leaving an abusive relationship.

A new mom is crushing it with her new babies – making hard decisions, loving on her family, providing for her family’s needs, sharing real life with her friends.

Moms at my kids’ school are advocating for all our kids by sharing with us legislation that affects us, giving us specific ways to speak up for our community.

A group of women is gathering monthly to pray for our kids and their school.

A friend has started gathering a group of people in her home to talk/pray through issues regarding racial reconciliation.

I love us. There is work to be done for sure. But I see us doing it and want to keep calling it out when I can.



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