Bethany Anne – first in a #WCW series 

Last week I shared that I’m going to try to be more intentional in my blogging this year – to write more and to write something encouraging and positive.  This will be my first in (hopefully) a regular series for Woman Crush Wednesday (#WCW. If you’ve been wondering what that hashtag is you may see on Wednesdays every once in a while – that’s what it stands for…you’re welcome)

First up is my youngest daughter, Bethany Anne. It was her birthday last week so I’m highlighting her. I know she isn’t quite a woman yet, but whatever. It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to. 

It’s been fun in the days leading up to her birthday seeing my Facebook memories pop up. She was a week late (by some calculations, almost 2 weeks late!) and so there were lots of “nothing happening today!” And “still sitting at home…” posts. At first, I wondered why I was posting such random thoughts. Then I looked at the year and it all clicked.

Bethany has always had a mind of her own. She came into this world on her own terms and still walks around like she owns the place. As her mom, this creates just as many struggles as it does blessings.  To be honest, I’m in a phase where the struggles seem much bigger than the blessings of such a strong nature.

She was determined to play in the sand and make the perfect sand angel

That being said – Bethany has brought so much joy and laughter to our lives. She is a trip. She asks the best questions, thinks deeply, plays hard, and loves well. She adores giving gifts and writing notes. I’m always finding little notes around the house to one family member or another. Even before she could write, she was drawing or scribbling away at lists. She would make grocery “lists” to copy mine when she was little – then hand it to me and ask me to get the items on the list.


After the polar plunge in the Hilton Head pool

Recently she’s had some pretty deep questions about God. She’s struggled with nightmares and we pray every night for her to have sweet dreams. But sometimes she still has a bad dream and it’s left her wondering (like all of us have!) – Is God actually listening to me? It doesn’t seem like He hears. I don’t think He’s real! It’s not working.

Describing a life of faith to a 7 year old will force you to soberly consider what you really believe – platitudes won’t cut it for this one.  Being her mom challenges me to think beyond the pat answers and really fight for faith. It’s not easy for sure, but I’m so grateful she’s sharing her journey with me.

At school having lunch. Michael was so amazed by all the big kids!




She’s grown in to an amazing big sister and it’s so fun to watch her play with Michael and get his giggles going. I can tell he’s going to be her little shadow as he grows up.

I love my Bethany so much. It was fun talking about her on the blog today! I think this series is going to be fun 🙂


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