End/Beginning Rambles – Blogging and #WCW

I’m spending these first couple weeks of the year now that the kids are back in school reflecting on last year and making some new goals for the new year. It’s pretty shocking that I hadn’t written or posted anything since August of 2016. The fall was definitely the most busy I’ve been in a while, and I got out of the habit of writing.

Besides being busy, I think I’ve really struggled with what to say. I had lots of thoughts during those times, and my blog is, of course, supposed to be the spot for thoughts…but none of them would come out coherently. There was (and to some extent, still is) too much jumble – election politics, racial division, worldwide unrest and refugee crises, and on a personal level my own new life stage and several close friends dealing with major life moments.

But I do miss this writing and I want to do more to add something kind and beautiful to the world. It sounds pretentious that I could create something beautiful, and I doubt I’ll succeed every time. Hopefully the pursuit will itself be positive in the long-run.

As I’ve looked back over the year and sat stumped about what to write, I marvel at many of the people around me. I have some really amazing friends who are doing such great things. I’m going to challenge myself to write something each week, coinciding with Woman Crush Wedesday (#WCW) and tell you all about one of my amazing friends. The goal is to write one each week! I’m excited and hopeful that this venture will get the juices flowing and will allow me to brag on some of my favorite people 🙂

I’ll end with this quote from an unknown source:

Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.


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