That hashtag definitely does NOT describe the way I was feeling this afternoon after these two mini conversations with my kiddos.

Scenario #1 – I spent much of the day working on a sewing project for one kid, trying to make a simple* cap to wear for colonial day. Alas, my result was rather pitiful looking. But, kid was gracious and said it would work. She immediately perked up when I offered a different solution. (Kinda saw that one coming, to be honest. My version is the epitome of pitiful. I may post a picture later when I’m done licking my wounds.)

Anyhoo, we’re going over ways to make plan B work better and this is what she says to me:

Hmm, I wish ______** were here. She’s really good at sewing projects.


Ouch. Oh, look sweetie! I just remembered that I urgently need to scrub and chop potatoes for dinner! Guess we’ll have to do this another time. Oh, darn.


Scenario #2

Little guy starting to fuss after dinner time. I put him off for a bit, enjoying the sitting down moment. Finally picked him up and realized that he was SOAKED. I have not seen a diaper that thoroughly saturated in quite some time, or ever. I take him to the changing table and wonder aloud  – “I can’t remember when I changed you last.”

Other daughter chimes in, as Michael, in a sing-songy voice: Well, obviously mommy, it was a very long time ago!

Thank you darling people for all the reminders that I am just crushing it.


And, on a completely unrelated note, I love bedtime.


*I plan one day to spend an entire post (or maybe even a series!) on these so-called ‘simple’ projects.  Who finds these things simple? Do they know what that word means? I could go on. But I won’t. Yet.

**Name omitted to protect the accomplished innocent bystander


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